The technology is the most important basis for a good player, both offensively and defensively.


We give you the maximum control of the ball so that you can dominate your opponents on the court. They learn in all situations to maintain the ball, thing what makes a complete footballer.


In each situation, new game ideas and game opportunities are identified, implemented individually with and depending on the talent or creativity.


With this training method every child has a lot of ball contacts and learns very quickly catching the ball.


You will notice that it is a clear improvement of the coordination and motor skills after a few workouts.


The trainer adapts the training to each individual child, to allow each child a possobility of development. Children who need to develop their motor skills a little longer are help by us.


The training is carried out in small groups. They are put together according to age or power stage and repeatedly adapted.


By many positive training experiences and ball contacts the child's trust is consolidated in itself.


Each child experiences the training with fun, joy and enthusiasm and so a growing development of speed, control and mobility is reacted playfully.

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