Respect - team spirit - discipline - endurance - diligence - Procedure - courage - Confidence


All these points needs a football player in order to have success. This is where we come in!



We help the individual players to improve enormously to increase the self-confidence and thus to evolve. Football is passion and your child can improve himself on and off the football field to help solve difficult problems and become a better person tanks to our experienced trainers:

  • We stand for quality ..... in all areas
  • Important for us is the training content ..... football is also conveing values in team sports
  • Focus on the training ..... include the development of coordination and technical elements of the football game. (Animations and ball skill)


Our workouts are built according to the latest training methods (A, B, C, D). In small groups according to age a professional youth training is conducted. We pay attention to a high number of repetitions, speed and low latency in the training process.

A. Domination and coordinating
B. Ball controll
C. Mixture of these types
D. Succes


Skill Factor was an ideea from some top professional footballers, which have extensive knowledge of all aspects of football and player development.


Our motto: Not everyone can be a professional footballer, but everyone has the opportunity to carry on the best of his abilities.


The player has to concentrate on the game and on the essentials, but still needs to make football fun.

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